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A football inspirational movie

20-year-old women are like football

2022-06-26 14:05A football inspirational movie
Summary: Remember our teacher said: compare women to three kinds of balls. Football, table tennis, football. Why? You chooseWomen are like football, let a group of men for her brutal collision, they ignore the
Remember our teacher said: compare women to three kinds of balls. Football, table tennis, football. Why? You choose
Women are like football, let a group of men for her brutal collision, they ignore the danger, just for the possession of more than ten seconds; Women are like table tennis, bouncing around, never staying with anyone for more than half a second; Women are like football, although they have many suitorsUse a ball to describe a man's response to Women in the age group of
18-year-old women are like rugby, scrambled by a group of people, 20-year-old women are like football, chased by 11 people, 30-year-old women are like volleyball, patted by 6 people, 40-year-old women are like badminton, 2 people play, and 50-year-old women are like baseball. How far can they play
What do girls of all ages compare to
Ten year old girl is like a piece of white paper, waiting to write her life; A 20-year-old girl is like a mellow apple. All men want to bite; A 30-year-old woman is like a rose. It looks beautiful, but it always needs thorns; A 40 - year-old woman is like a brush. She fears that her face is corroded by ink every dayWhat's a saying that compares a woman to a ball game
A 20-year-old woman is a football, and a group o20-year-old women are like footballf people compete for it; A 30-year-old woman is a volleyball player, and there are fewer people grabbing; 40% of women are basketball, so they have to throw it out when they get it; 50% of women are table tennis players. They don't have to fight any more but push around; 60% of the women probably became baseball. Everyone served with sticks; But now it seems that times have changedMetaphor of nine age groups of women
A 20-year-old woman is like a rugby ball. There are 30 people fighting for it. You tear it and I drag it. A 30-year-old woman is like a football. There are also 22 people chasing her hard. You argue with him to break m20-year-old women are like footballe. A 40 year old woman is like a basketball player. There are 10 people fighting hard. You block me and cover him. A 50 year old woman is like a beach volleyballI once saw a short message: a woman 20 years old is a football; 25 is basketball
A 20-25-year-old girl is like a football. So many people vie for a ball, but only one person can hold the ball and cross the opponent's baseline. Women aged 25-30 are like football. 22 people kick and grab a ballWhat kind of ball is a woman twenty, thirty, forty or fifty like
The woman is 20 years old. Like a football, about 20 people are kicking her. A 30-year-old woman is like. Volleyball 12 people are robbing him. A 40 year old woman is like a basketball. There are 10 people to rob again. A 50 year old woman is like a table tennis ball. Only two people push and pushWomen thirty football, forty basketball, fifty football, sixty little white ball what do you mean
Rugby: before the age of thirty, women are like rugby, and many people will grab and hold them. Basketball: before the age of 40, women, like basketball, won fewer people. Most people were just watching. Football: when a woman is 50, she wants to kick her awayClassic quotations about women's maintenance
Korean women pay attention to maintenance, because they know that after a woman gives birth to a child, there is no way to see it below her neck. What can she show her husband? You should be able to handle it above the neck. Women aged 120 are like football, women aged 30 are like table tennis, and women aged 40 are like footballSome people say that women in their twenties are like basketball, everyone grabs it, and women in their thirties are like table tennis, playing around, not
In fact, a man in his twenties is like golf. In order to succeed, he runs as far as he can. Many times, he even falls into the lake and grows old in obscurity. Thirty is like playing table tennis, with the left hand clapping and blocking. It is too busy for family and career. A 40 - year-old man is like playing basketball, attracting the attention of thousands of people and surrounded by beautiful women
20-year-old women are like football

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