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Linyuner Rugby scene the staff praised her well

2022-06-27 03:51American football inspirational film
Summary: Which issue of family birth 1 did linyuner attendIs it true that Lin Yuner, who has been on the road for ten years, has come to this day by virtue of his appearanceAll the directors, actors and staff
Which issue of family birth 1 did linyuner attend

Is it true tLinyuner Rugby scene  the staff praised her wellhat Lin Yuner, who has been on the road for ten years, has come to this day by virtue of his appearance
All the directors, actors and staff who have worked with her praise her well. After the shooting of the TV series, they will still write thank-you letters to each staff one by one. Of course, she also has her naughty side. In front of her friends and sisters, she will become a naughty and coquettish Lin ChuDingWhat did linyuner go through
Although Yuner has said in various interviews and variety shows since her debut that she joined SM company because she likes acting, she is very happy to be a debut as a girl and will also complete the stage performance well. But as Lin Yuner, he prefers acting to singing. The company did not make a mistakeLin Yuner's live introduction and discussion are no different from those ten years ago. Do you like her
So Lin Yuner's live room is really in good condition. It is worth noting that Lin Yuner has been interacting with the fans in the room, so it is inevitable to hit the face. But even though Lin Yuner is 31 years old, she is still very good at handling ultra clear cameras. First of all, I won't say much about her exquisite three-dimensional facial features. When she was 31Teenage Lin Yuner picture 2p source
The first is 100821 SMTOWN concert in Seoul, and the second is 121125 SMTOWN in Thailand
It is said that the domestic lens is a demon mirror. Has Lin Yuner's life photo resisted the domestic lens_ Baidu knows
From the many live photos, Lin Yuner can present a perfect side. No matter what the angle, facial expression or body shape, Lin Yuner is impeccable. She is a great beauty without dead corners. At the event site, Lin Yuner has chestnut brown hair and pink strapless dressDoes Lin Yuner look good? No
At the beginning, I also thought that Lin Yuner generally didn't know why he was a facade. Later, he gradually became a beauty. Yuner was a beautiful woman. Yuner was pure and had a really good temperament. People who met Yuner were going crazy -- Qingzhou Korean wave concertWho is the girlhood member number 32? The one with a pink shirt
I'll show you that No. 32 is Jin Xiaoyuan. I'll tell you the rest. No. 24 cuixiuying, No. 12 Li shungui, No. 7 linyuner, No. 9 jintaiyan, No. 0 Tiffany, No. 11 Xuxian, No. 21 quanyuli, No. 32 jinxiaoyuan, No. 22 Jessica. I hope you can adopt it31 year old Lin Yuner appears at the birthday party. What is the status of Lin Yuner in the picture
Lin Yuner is amazing. At the age of 31, his appearance is still at its peak. His skin is tight, white and tender. His girlish feeling has exploded. It has aroused the envy of netizens. It's simply not too beautiful. As we all know, South Korea's Lin yun'er is the goddess image in the hearts of all people. On his birthday, Lin Yuner appeared at the birthday party, where he also interacted directly with his fansList of guests for the birth of thLinyuner Rugby scene  the staff praised her welle family
Family dinner of football match: Pumpkin nutritious rice, braised whitebait, fried vegetables and other family Charms: litianxi, Puyizhen [the first in the family's sleeping order] (the most fiercely contested by the family)
Linyuner Rugby scene the staff praised her well

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